Barstow Massage and Bodywork - Company Message
Heather Barstow

      Heather is a native of Hadley, and a graduate of the Springfield Technical Community College's Massage Therapy Program. Heather received superior education during her years at STCC, and proudly displays an associate's degree in Massage Therapy.  Until 2015, she taught in the lab of the schools massage therapy program, and ran the student clinic. She aspires to teach in the future.   She is currently attending STCC's Physical Therapist Assistant Program and is set to graduate in May of  2019. Heather has a unique passion and fascination for massage and bodywork. The combination has been most effective in treating chronic pain and discomfort in client's who've otherwise exhausted all the usual avenues of health care to find relief. She hopes to integrate her talent as a soft tissue therapist into the world of physical therapy to help people recover faster and more fully.

To learn more about the different kinds of massage she offers, please visit our 'Services' page for a detailed explanation.

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