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Bernadette Della Bitta Nicholson
     Bernadette has been a practicing massage therapist in the Valley since 1992. Newly retired as the director of the Associate Degree Program at Springfield Technical Community College where she taught for twenty years, Bernadette combines her training in Bodywork and Yoga to offer a meditative, healing massage that will not disappoint!
     She is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master and is certified in Oncology Massage. She is also 500 RYT Embodyoga teacher. Bernadette believes the body is a powerful teacher and has a tremendous capacity for healing itself if we give it the care and attention needed. Giving it the gift of massage is an important tool for maintaining health. She seeks to provide her clients a deeply relaxing experience to relieve the nervous system of the deeply held stress that fosters fatigue, poor sleep, poor digestion and the inability to lay back and relax fully. Check out her “Almost Nirvana” treatment on our Services page.

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